About Liz Paras

Liz Paras is the creator and director of THRIVE! Youth Camps. She works as a Life Coach, Presenter and Energy Worker. She has an Elementary & Special Ed Degree from USU. She  taught elementary school for 5 years. Liz has taught children and youth  in many capacities in the past 20 years,including guitar lessons, volunteering in schools and church, and working as a counselor/director at Oakcrest Girls camp for 3 years. She loves presenting in local elementary schools and kids clubs to help promote self-awareness and self-confidence in all children. Liz Paras is the blessed mom of 5 boys and loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking and fishing with them. She is passionate about her work to help others awaken their greatness and gain the skills, knowledge and self mastery to Awake, Arise and Thrive in life!