Summer Camp 2019 

for Kids & Teens


Summer Camp 2019 

for Kids & Teens

Awaken your Greatness

Want to move from a stuck to a successful mindset? I'm here for you!


 Do you want to experience greater success in life? Do you feel stuck with your progress at work, at home or in your relationships?  Are you living below your greatest potential? Do you wish to see positive change in any aspect of your life?  

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then working with Liz Paras as your Life Coach one-on-one may be just the right thing for you to help you Awaken Your Greatness and move from a survive mindset to a thrive mindset!

Positive Change


As a  trained and experienced Life Coach, I have valuable tools and mindset techniques that will cause you to become larger than the challenges you face! It is time to make positive change happen in your life. Change yourself, change your life! 

Don't just Survive, THRIVE!


Want a healthier, happier life? It starts with YOU! As you improve your life will improve! As you work with me as your private coach, you will have the accountability, tools and support you need to make the changes you desire! Get ready for an upgrade! 

What others are saying...

THRIVE! Summer Camp

I highly recommend THRIVE! for children of all ages. The program gave my children confidence to start a new school year without fear. Each day they came home excited to tell me their experience. They were armed with tools to stand tall and be confident in their good choices. They were taught techniques to rid their minds of negativity and replace those negative thoughts with positive. I really cannot say enough good things about the THRIVE! courses.

-Katie K.

THRIVE! Summer Camp

We signed our daughter up for the summer camps because she was extremely cautious and about anything outside of her comfort zone. Slay Your Dragons helped her to see beyond her fears and vocalize how she was feeling. We have seen such an improvement in her since. Such wonderful skills these camps teach. 

-Justine J.

THRIVE! Summer Camp

Kaiden loved this camp. He grew with confidence and learned how to set goals. He definitely will do it again!

- Amber J.

Private Life Coaching with Liz

As a mom to 4 kids, sometimes I feel like I can only give my vague goals some passing thoughts throughout my busy days. I loved working with Liz because she helped me to identify some of the goals that I want to reach and how to visualize them. My goals are starting to feel more real then they have for a long time as I now have vision as well as motivation to get started. Liz has such a personable and understanding manner. She is so kind and intuitive in knowing what direction you need to head in and what you need to hear. She is a great listener and asks questions to find out time to teach me some confidence building techniques. She is great at cheering you on and giving you positive feedback. She helped me to nurture a positive voice in my head to combat negative thoughts and re-evaluate what is important to me.

- Amber H.

Private Life Coaching with Liz

Liz is a smart encouraging mentor who provides positive and empowering guidance to get things headed in the right direction. I was ready to begin making forward progress in the different aspects of my life and Liz helped make those initial steps attainable and real with insightful and doable instruction. With that momentum, and continued counsel from Liz, I am seeing productive change in myself. I have not been perfect in implementing all of the good advice shared by Liz, yet she is patient and supportive and has helped me see the way through hurdles and the importance of each effort made. Her approach is educational and warm and I always leave a mentoring session with Liz upbeat, capable and ready to make things happen. Liz has been a great fit as a mentor for me and I would highly recommend her as a mentor for anyone wanting to see effective change in their life.

-Abigail H.

Private Life Coaching with Liz

Liz has been such a God sent gift in my life! I had been praying for a mentor to help me get started back on my goals when my path crossed with Liz. She was and is the perfect mentor for me! She believed in me, inspired me and motivated me. I was excited each week to talk with her and report what I had accomplished. She is not only well trained in mentoring, but also has a Spiritual Gift in mentoring as well! This is such a neat combination. It enable her to use her intuition to know how to help you through unique situations and road blocks you might have on your path to success. She celebrates your accomplishments in a way that builds an accomplishment energy in you that propels you forward towards bigger and better things! I highly recommend Liz as a mentor!

- Jen H.


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Awake! Arise! Thrive!


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